Hand In Hand with Ukraine

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Hand in Hand with Ukraine

When our Ukrainian peers cried out, the global circus community swept in to offer support. But over two months after that initial wave of activism, there is still a need for help. A group of concerned artists started an initiative with UNICEF Canada to help raise at least $25,000 CAD in order to support the men, women, and children of Ukraine who seek refuge from the catastrophic ongoing war against their country and freedom.
As this war against Ukraine continues, millions of innocent civilians, including many women and children, have been forced to flee their homes and loved ones in search of safety. This initiative aims to provide financial aid to those affected and send out a message of hope and unity through the passion and exceptional talents of Ukrainian Circus Artists around the world and inside Ukraine. The circus community has always taken pride in being a family at large: inclusive and diverse regardless of politics, religion, and race. Today, these world-class performers now ask for help from their audience in order to support their families, their frien...
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