In Auch, a Vibrant Art: the 35th CIRCa Circus Festival

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In Auch, a Vibrant Art: the 35th CIRCa Circus Festival

In its 35 editions, the CIRCa festival in Auch, France, has become a proud showcase of the variety and vibrance of contemporary circus art. Pascal Jacob offers a breakdown of the creative scope and spaces of the shows on display at CIRCa 2022.
In Auch in 1975, the Abbé de Lavenère-Lussan founded the Pop Circus, a leisure school dedicated to the city’s young people, somewhat along the lines of the Centre Immaculée Conception in Montreal, where a circus school would be created six years later as a prelude to the future National Circus School. Between 1974 and 1990, circus schools multiplied throughout France. The growing idea to create a federation that would bring these schools together in a space of exchange and confrontation became reality on October 27, 1988, when the city of Auch hosted the first National Meeting of circus schools, chaired by Jean-François Celier. And so CIRCA was born. Initially conceived as a competition, CIRCA was transformed in 1995 under the impetus of National Center of Circus Arts of Châlons-en-Champagne Director General Bernard Turin and Ministry of Culture Inspector Yves Deschamps into a selection of schools invited to present...
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Pascal Jacob

After completing university studies in performing arts at Université de Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, Pascal Jacob, over the course of ten years, developed a career as associate director for the opera. He then concentrated on costume and set design and artistic direction. The circus has long been a passion and his interest for this singular form of live performance has led him to create costumes most notably Rainforest and Living Carousel for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Salto Natale for Rolf Knie, Au pays des clowns for Cirque Phénix. He also created the costumes and the set designs of Barnum’s Kaleidoscape for Feld Entertainment as well as those of India for Prime Time Entertainment. Of late, working as an artistic scout and creative director, he contributed to the development of several projects for Dragone Entertainment Group. As such, he was artistic director and production designer for Odyseo, the Chemistry of Dreams celebrating the 150 years of the Solvay group, and for the Dai Show for Dragone Entertainment Group in Xishuangbanna in China. Last year, he was involved as production designer and artistic director for the creation of Era The Spirit of Shanghai in the Shanghai Circus World permanent building. Alongside his work in design, Pascal acts as art consultant for the Européenne de Spectacles, artistic director for Cirque Phénix as well as for the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. He is also lecturer in the history of the circus for the Montreal National Circus School and the Fratellini Academy in Saint-Denis. By tirelessly collecting all things pertaining to the circus arts through the ages, he has worked as exhibition curator for many museums in Europe and in America, collaborating with many institutions such as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Tohu in Montréal. He has published more than forty books as well as numerous articles dedicated to the circus, the zoo, and the opera, he also lectures on these topics. He was born, lives and works notably in Paris.