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In Center Ring – Ep. 26: Jason Span: Talent Transcends

In Center Ring Presents the mesmerizing Jason Span, US Navy Veteran turned high-flying circus star. In this episode Jason opens up about his career in the United States Armed Forces during a time of war and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We learn about how his love for cheerleading led to an amazing gymnastics career in which he almost made the U.S. Olympic Team. He details the harrowing process that turned him into a Men’s Pole Sport Champion, the excitement of taking flight as a circus aerialist, and the welcoming community that is the circus and the world of aerial arts. ...
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Johnathan L. Iverson

Johnathan is the Chairman of the Board at Omnium: A Bold New Circus. An accomplished and celebrated showman of circus and stage, as well as, a much in demand motivational speaker. He contributes regularly to CircusTalk and is the creator & host of the YouTube series, In Center Ring.