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International Circus Awards Submissions Are Open! Who, What, When, Why & How to Apply

In exciting news for the circus sector, the International Circus Awards have been announced, opening for applications on June 1st. Beginning in July of 2021 a committee of more than 30 voting members from 15 different countries will adjudicate up to 200 full-length circus show submissions for this inaugural award event. The awards, produced and managed by The Contemporary Circus & Immersive Arts Center (CCIAC), encourages prospective companies to submit their show for consideration.
On June 10th, ICA will host an info session outlining the pathway to submitting a circus show for consideration in the awards. You can submit your show here! The application season opened on June 1st and will close on June 3oth. Circus Awards CircusTalk’s editor, Kim Campbell will join the voting committee along with a prestigious list of circus industry professionals. In addition to a host of original awards presented by the committee, there will be two special awards, the Audience Choice Award chosen by the general public and CircusTalk will present our Critic’s Choice Award. Starting July 1st, the adjudication process will begin with the committee nominating and voting t...
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