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Japan’s All New Circus Team ‘CIRQUEWORK’ Debuts in Tokyo this Month

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness the amazing acts of a Cirque du Soleil stage performance, then I envy you. The entertainment company travels the world, mesmerising audiences in more than 400 cities across 60 countries. With performances of such high stakes, it can be quite the challenge to get your hands on tickets.

But now, Japan has it’s very own version of the circus of dreams; CIRQUEWORK, based in Fukuoka is a circus creation team that gathers both domestic and international artists in an attempt to pursue unique entertainment full of originality and innovation through an eccentric fusion of acrobatics, dance, music, lighting, and video production.

This month, the team will be holding their world premiere performance in Tokyo. If you like to observe the true limits of the human body, determination and mind, then read on to find out what this night of performances will bring.

The crew’s first performance titled RENEW is based around the theme of “fashion and the near future.” High-level performances by five experienced circus artists – who have worked with world famous circus companies, such as Franco Dragone, Cirque Éloize and Cirque du Soleil itself – are choreographed to transport the audience to a magical world where they can forget about reality and time.

Behind the performance choreography is world-famous aerial artist Shinagawa Mizuki. As part of the show, Shinagawa will perform her specialty act Aerial Silk as well as a synchronised display with 2 other aerial artists which has been developed specifically for RENEW…

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