Knowing How to Sell Yourself: Circus Consulting with Ulrike Storch

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Knowing How to Sell Yourself: Circus Consulting with Ulrike Storch

From street shows to performing at Kensington Palace, this German artist carved out her own unique place in the circus world as a foot juggler channeling vintage Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich… and now her job is teaching other artists the way to flourish. Joining our list and showcase of awesome circus consultants is Ulrike Storch, retired performer and creator of the Selling Circus program, a comprehensive training platform that guides its members through the art of self-marketing.
Carolyn Klein: Tell us about yourself and your circus background. Ulrike Storch (US): I am a first-generation circus artist, starting at Staatliche Zirkus Schule Berlin when I was 15. Despite coming from a creative family, I began my training as a trapeze artist but never performed with it due to an injury. After a hiatus, I returned to the circus industry in Berlin, initially performing on the streets. It took time to gain acceptance into a professional circus school again. I trained independently and sought opportunities wherever available. A pivotal three-month stint in Kiev honed my handstands and flexibility, bolstering my chances for professional circus education. Eventually, I secured a spot at Codarts in Rotterdam. There, I received intensive training in food juggling from Gregor Kiock and was mentored by Juan Liu, an ex-Cirque du Soleil artist. Despite lacking a formal gymnastics or dance background, I persevered through challe...
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Carolyn Klein

Carolyn Klein is a writer, poet, and circus fan from the Washington, D.C, area. Writing stories about the circus has been a dream of hers since getting introduced to circus fiction around 2014. She recently completed her B.A. in English and Creative Writing, magna cum laude, at George Mason University. As a new member of the Circus Talk journalism team, Carolyn looks forward to learning as much as she can about the industry and people behind circus.