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Mario Muntwyler on Living and Working with Swiss Circus Monti

Being an ascendent of the founder of Swiss Circus Monti, Guido Muntwyler, Mario Muntwyler has grown up within the circus. He is both a performer and an administrator, enjoys both roles, and is passionate about circus life. In our interview, he gives us insights into the workings and tour life of Circus Monti. The founder of Circus Monti, Guido Muntwyler, and a small group of artists from within his family, started performing with other circuses in 1977. Thirteen years later, in 1985, Guido Muntwyler, aka Clown Monti, presented the first tour of his own company, Circus Monti. Over the years, this Swiss circus has grown successfully and has become one of the beloved national treasures everyone wants to come and experience when they are in town. Here is Mario Muntwyler, giving us a glimpse into his family’s enterprise and universe… ...
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