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Meet a Circus Grad–Mizuki Shinagawa of ENC

In this series called “Meet a Circus Grad” we give a voice to recently graduated or graduating circus artists, to learn about their experience at circus school, and to get a clearer picture of how circus schools around the world operate and prepare their students for the circus workforce. 
In this second edition, we spoke with Mizuki Shinagawa, an international student who tells us her story about recently graduating from Ecole Nationale de Cirque. Tissue is a popular aerial apparatus, but Shinagawa has added new dimension to the art form by  developing a unique style that not only impresses the audience with her physical strength and capability, but also shines a light on her understanding of music, rhythm, shapes and how a body can present emotion. Her powerful movement on the tissue blends dance and drama, creating an emotional arc to the performance and is unlike much of what we have seen thus far in expression on this apparatus. In this article, we will attempt to grasp what conditions create a unique and dynamic performer like Shinagawa. Mizuki Shinagawa Home...
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Fiona Bradley

As an artist, Fiona Bradley hopes to use circus as a platform to discuss social issues, to create inspiration and to fulfill their own need for connection. Fiona's current home is in Chicago. They are the social media and community manager for CircusTalk as well as a founding member of Semi-Circus and ensemble member in Aura Curiatlas. They received a Certificate IV in Circus Arts from the National Institute of Circus Arts in Australia and they continue their education where ever they go. As well as being a performer, Fiona is interested in circus management. They would like to connect people in the circus world (as well as outside of the circus world) and create an open and empowering community for everyone who is interested! This is one of the reasons they work as the social media and community manager for CircusTalk.