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NICA graduates Find a Place to Call Home in the Circus

“I’m the supreme alien overlord goddess who comes down and basically abducts the whole show.”

Welcome to the world of circus performers!

Watch National Institute of Circus Arts’ graduating class showcase strength and femininity through incredible circus arts.

As director Hayden Spencer notes, the theme of the National Institute for Circus Arts’ graduating performance is a good fit for what has always been a subversive art form.

Called Not of This Earth, the show is pitched as a sci-fi B-movie. Performer Jordan Revell, for instance, is the “alien overlord goddess”. When we meet at NICA’s cavernous, bustling headquarters in Prahran, he’s spent the past two and a half hours doing his hair and make-up and making a mask for his character.

He and his fellow students, after two and a half years of specialisation, will showcase their skills in different apparatuses from tightwire to trapeze…

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