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Nordic Exposure’s at Jackson Lane – Interview with Artistic Director, Adrian Berry

Jacksons Lane’s Nordic Exposure season invites the very best in circus, theatre, and family shows from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands to London. The season spans from March to April, and during that time Jacksons Lane will host a series of shows that give their audiences an insight into Nordic humour, sensibilities, and views of the world.Finnish circus will be well-represented during the season, with Portmanteau’s Piste, piste, piste, Fheel Concepts’ Hold On, and the Nordic Council’s Three Men from the North. With Nordic Exposure taking place in just a few weeks, CircusInfo Finland decided to have a chat with Jacksons Lane’s Artistic Director and Joint CEO Adrian Berry.
What goes into creating the Nordic Exposure programme? What’s your process like? Well, the season was initially going to be a festival over a shorter period of time but spreading it over two months and having a ‘season’ instead meant we could programme more work due to more flexible availability of artists and companies. Out of the ten productions, five are coming from overseas and five are based in the UK. This was both a financial decision as well as wanting to highlight the strength of Nordic artists living and working in the UK. We began planning the season over three years ago when I met with and gave a presentation to the six embassies in London, and then it was a matter of working with the Finnish Institute, Jaakko Nousiainen the director especially, to work to secure the funding from the Nordic Culture Fund. We moved it to Spring ‘22 as we felt it would be a safer period, plus our buildin...
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