Press Release -- Recirquel’s New Cirque Danse Production Debuts for International Audience

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Press Release — Recirquel’s New Cirque Danse Production Debuts for International Audience

Acclaimed Austrian contemporary art center reopens with Solus Amor after six months.

On 20th May 2021, Solus Amor, the most recent production of Recirquel receives its international premier as the reopening performance at Festspielhaus St. Pölten following over 6 months of the venue’s lockdown due the COVID-19 pandemic. Directed and choreographed by Bence Vági, the cirque danse piece fuses modern dance and circus arts to talk about faith and love, about nature and the universe.

A tight wire acrobat performs a split, with a group of dancers beneath herRecirquel’s Solus Amor premiered last autumn in the Festival Theatre of Müpa Budapest, but the company could perform it only a few times. Now, thanks to the decision to reopen theatres, the production returns to the stage.

One of Europe’s leading performing art venues, Austrian Festspielhaus St.Pölten reopens on May 20th2021 with Solus Amor. The theatre welcomes an audience of 70 thousand with over 70 productions per year, offering a colourful repertoire of different genres ranging from modern dance through international productions to classical music and jazz. The outstanding dance performances they present attract visitors from all around Europe and the world: the cirque dansegenre created by Bence Vági, founder and artistic director of the company and Recirquel fits well into this dance repertoire.

Recirquel has already been presented in the online program of the theatre during the lockdown months, when the company’s earlier cirque danse piece, Non Soluswas streamed by Festspielhaus with a record-breaking audience of almost 10.000.

A group of performers hang from an apparatusSolus Amor (“Love Alone”) is a monumental show that employs “cirque danse,” a genre created with and by the company in the course of several years. The production talks about the different manifestations of love, exploring its different layers and forms. It evokes the only, primeval energy that spans all space and time, and connects us all, draws its power from the contemporary yearning for nature and wonders. Appearing on stage this time alongside the humans, who have always taken the lead roles thus far in all Recirquel shows, is an animal as well… and not just any old kind of animal, either: Vági has commissioned South African puppeteer and puppet theatre director Janni Younge to construct a lifelike polar bear.

Solus Amorlargely takes place in the air, enacting a veritable “aerial ballet” in front of the viewers’ eyes. The space of the stage and the characters envelope the audience in the manner of natural essences, facilitating complete immersion for the viewers as do ancient prayers. The original music, the grandiose stage and lighting design create an atmosphere delicately absorbing the audience.

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