In International Waters: Sail Through Circus with Veera Kaijanen

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In International Waters: Sail Through Circus with Veera Kaijanen

The CircusTalk talent pool has amazing circus artists and career performers from around the globe– a group with too many accomplishments to count. That’s why each month, we get to know an artist and let them share wisdom from their careers with you. Our featured artist for March is Finnish-based tightwire and hula hoops artist Veera Kaijanen, who offers advice to fellow performers on booking international contracts and reaching for the stars while finding something to ground themselves in here on Earth.
The sky’s the limit in circus… but after the show ends, it helps to have one’s feet on solid ground as a career performer. Veera Kaijanen knows this fact well. An innovator with both the hula hoops and tightwire, Veera believes in constant self-improvement; she has been honing her elegant style and skillset since she first discovered hula hoops at age four. Decades later, her performance resume spans companies, countries, and continents. She’s toured with Cirque du Soleil‘s Amaluna show, appeared in venues like France’s Compagnie Tempo— and, most recently, she’s taken to the seas with a cruise show contract on the MSC Gr...
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Carolyn Klein

Carolyn Klein is a writer, poet, and circus fan from the Washington, D.C, area. Writing stories about the circus has been a dream of hers since getting introduced to circus fiction around 2014. She recently completed her B.A. in English and Creative Writing, magna cum laude, at George Mason University. As a new member of the Circus Talk journalism team, Carolyn looks forward to learning as much as she can about the industry and people behind circus.