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PRO Talk: How to Pitch Your Show to Presenters & Programmers

Want to delve into pitching your artistic work, discover best practices, and trade secrets to sell your show to programmers and venues?
Then check out this introduction to pitching shows that took place on June 19th. As part of our live PRO Talk series, Adrian Berry, Artistic Director at London’s circus venue Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, and producer Flora Herberich advise new and emerging companies on how to pitch their work and get contracts! They shared best practices for artists and companies to approach venues and festivals with your work, including the do’s and don’ts of communication, how to present your concept, tech riders, visuals, target audiences and copy, as well as what processes and timelines to follow. They also help you take into consideration the venue itself, the country of origin (visas, payscales, audience size and more!) and the administration tips and skills to highlight your show and get it into the right ven...
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Adrian Berry

Adrian Berry, Artistic Director of the UK's leading circus and arts centre, Jacksons Lane in London. As a venue director and programmer, Adrian has worked with the National Theatre, Stratford Circus, the Albany and Trinity amongst many others. He is a producer, writer and director and wrote and directed the successful production From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads. He has produced circus work nationally and internationally, as well as representing the UK at circus festivals around the globe. Adrian is also a bass player and songwriter for the BBC6 supported band Alberteen.