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Stop and Read: Early 20th Century Juggling Manual Re-Release!

Juggling or How To Become a Juggler: the annotated edition is another piece of juggling literature from Modern Vaudeville Press aimed at increasing the fact-checked and scholarly approach to understanding the history of juggling. Thom Wall, author ofJuggling: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages and professional juggler, annotates a re-release of one of the earliest books written to share information for approaching juggling as a profession by Rupert Ingalese.
Two special gifts are received from reading this book. First, we are presented with an opportunity to read a manual written by a professional juggler in 1921. These chapters contain stories of old variety performers, anecdotes of personal growth learned in the art of juggling, and revelations of how similar the profes...
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Benjamin Domask

Benjamin Domask seeks to combine the skill and technique of juggling with the theory and philosophy of clown under the aesthetic of corporeal mime to create a unique blend of circus and theatre through characters and stories that audiences connect with on an emotional level. Photo credit: Dia Peterson