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The 7 Fingers Hosts En Piste AGM Forum for Circus Artists

The En Piste AGM(Annual General Meeting) is a chance for the circus community to come together once a year to connect, discuss, network and brainstorm answers to some of the industries toughest problems. What are realities and challenges that artists face? What are some concrete measures to put in place to better support artists within their career and artistic development? What are some methods to improve the profile of artists in society?
This year’s AGM Forum, hosted by Les 7 Doigts (The 7 Fingers) in the company’s (ver...
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Rebecca Galloway

Rebecca is a writer, critic, commentator and communications consultant based in Montréal. She has worked across a mish-mash of arts and design disciplines over her 15 year career—contemporary dance, circus, data visualization, opera, visual art, digital storytelling, ballet and literature. Originally from NZ, she’s spent the better part of the last decade living and working in the US and Canada.