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The Circus is on Call: Request a Circ-A-Gram

Smiling faces, visits from friends and family, light-hearted entertainment—all are essential in keeping people, especially children, comforted and calm. Amidst COVID-19, social distancing has restricted these interactions, and places like hospitals—that need the smiles the most—have limited these uplifting measures. Emergency Circus has come to the rescue with Circ-a-Grams.

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Emergency Circus founder Clay Mazing has taken to the streets to deliver Circ-a-Grams around the Big Easy. Atop his “Shzambulance,” Clay dazzles audiences from afar with knife juggling, bullwhip stunts, and the message that we all have “superpowers” like his well-trained circus skills—they’re just waiting to be unlocked through dedication and confidence…

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