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TCAH: The Digital Centre Ring

The Circus Arts Hub presents The Digital Centre Ring: Circus Online – How, When, What’s Best, What Are the Issues? Topics covered in the discussion: This is a new ‘genre’, how is it developing, artistically speaking? What are its features, as performance work? ‘Think like a broadcaster instead of a live performer’ Maximising the tech’s functionality (Esp. ZOOM) Monetising online activity (pay structures, existing platforms like Twitch, Patreon, Ko-Fi Copyright Best practise teaching online Who gets paid (eg. techs, other support staff, artists etc.) Panellists Chair: El Kirschbaum- Highwire Entertainment Charlie Wheeler- Video rental of circus shows from around the world) Rani Huszar ...
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The Circus Arts Hub

The Circus Arts Hub is in the process of becoming a formal organization under Victorian Law in Australia. Their mission is to contribute to the development of the circus arts through connecting diverse circus artists and other circus arts professionals across the globe.