The Pivot: Episode 4 - Let’s be Friends Helping Friends Find Work with Linda Beltran

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The Pivot: Episode 4 – Let’s be Friends Helping Friends Find Work with Linda Beltran

The Pivot is an interview series created to highlight those in our industry who have learned to pivot and find a new way forward during the unique challenges caused by the 2020 pandemic. In each episode, Andy Buchanan & Laura-Ann Chong adhere to the advice and share stories from guests in hopes that The Pivot may inspire you and hopefully shine some light on your new normal. Projet LUMIÈRE Project is pleased to partner with CircusTalk for this five-part series.
Linda Beltran is no stranger to the agility mindset needed when job searching. During the first phase of the pandemic, she started the Facebook group Friends helping friends find work as she witnessed thousands of her colleagues lose jobs on the spot, often resulting in them questioning their skill sets. She has spent nearly 30 years in the ever-changing public relations profession that has adapted as fast as technology has developed. She started her career in hospitality which took her from California to Japan before switching to Feld Entertainment and then moving into technology with Oracle Corporation and Hitachi. So how did she identify her transferable skills to transcend these industries? Check out this episode as Linda shares her advice on how maybe you can shine a new light on your resume and expand your job search. ...
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Projet LUMIÈRE Project is an initiative that began in July 2020 that aims to connect performing arts professionals to reduce feelings of isolation, facilitate exchanges by sharing information among peers and industry professionals, as well as support and guide members of the community by providing access to resources and opportunities.