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Urs Pilz Celebrated World Circus Day in China

Urs Pilz, President of the World Circus Federation, promoted circus culture and celebrated  World Circus Day in China at the Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort this year.

According the City of Zhuhai newspaper, as part of a circus performance at The Hengqin Island Theater, that hosts the Chimelong Hengqin International Circus City,  Pilz commemorated the 10th anniversary of the event on stage, while encouraging the audience to follow him and put on a red clown nose. He invited them to the stage, so they could experience the cutting-edge stage technology and some of the charm of the art form. Pilz even granted graduation certificates.

While Hengqin Island Theater currently also hosts the annual China International Circus Festival, a new, much larger Hengqin Island Theater is currently under construction at Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, that will become the resort’s  primary circus venue in the future.  The new construction  features a two-layer grandstand design and a circular stage. According to the plans, the 6th Zhuhai International Circus Festival is scheduled to take place in this spectacular new venue.

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