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Who is Doing Circus in Italy? Censimento Circo Italia Project & Its Impact on the Field

If you come to Italy and mention the word circus, many people would still go for “Oh! Lions, ringmaster, elephants! The tent!” It sounds unreasonable, but last October the arguments under an Instagram post[1]of the City Council of Bologna shows a reality not far from such a crazy conjecture.
The facts are the following: in the last few years in Italy a small number of contemporary circus artists with international experience decided to give new meaning to the traditional tent. MagdaClan, Side Kunst Cirque, Circo Paniko, Circo El Grito are just a few examples of those. In 2017, these companies decided to gather in Bologna and create Città di Circo, a brand new experience: a spontaneous and self-funded festival where the Italian contemporary circus tents build a “city of circuses” and give free shows to the audience. In a country where  public funding for contemporary circus has witnessed a remarkable increase in the last few years but it is still far from other European standards, [2] Città di Circo proves to be a great example of active citizenship and spectatorship: the organizers are volunte...
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Gaia Vimercati

Gaia Vimercati (1990) got a MA Degree in Comparative Literature at Trinity College Dublin and a BA degree in Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Milan. She works as a cultural project manager for Quattrox4, a circus organization based in Milan which promotes contemporary circus through its practice (courses, seminars, residency programs) and its vision (shows, work-in-progress presentations). Together with Filippo Malerba, she created CENSIMENTO CIRCO ITALIA (2015), the first map of circus companies in Italy. Since 2017 she is the curator of FUORI ASSE- circo contemporaneo a Milano, a showcase of contemporary circus shows organized in cooperation with theaters in Milan. Her main research topics revolve around the relations between contemporary circus and dramaturgy. She was among the contributors of Semiotics of the Circus (2015) and in 2018 she attended the project Research Creation Methods in contemporary circus at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada).