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Zaccarini does ‘MixRace MixTape’ at Certain Blacks

JOHN-PAUL ZACCARINI is artistic director of FutureBrownSpace, a creative space of recovery, discovery and artist development free from white noise and the white gaze.

The space is designed for people of colour (POC) who operate in largely white institutions/ fields, and offers them breathing space to uncensor themselves.

Part of the Certain Blacks Heroes Festival, Zaccarini’s The MixRace MixTape is a stand up, spoken word journey of passion, hope, humour and classism, through which the artist and academic explores the political and emotional minefield of intersectionality in a highly personal and provocative performance.

Heroes is a festival set to inspire and entertain audiences beginning with a celebration of international female musicians Maria Uzor, Helen Adove Hawk, Daphne Sadeh and duo Eastern Strings.

As well as the frankness and humour of Zaccarini, LGBTQ+ poet, stand-up and academic, Heroes boasts an eclusive event from legendary grime innovators Ruff Sqwad.   … link to full length article at Voice Online UK. 


Main image: John-Paul Zaccarini (pic by Andrea Davis-Kronlund)