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French Clowns Bring Joy to Vietnamese Kids

The children also interact with the clowns, who are members of a French troupe called the Be Clown Company.

With the goal of performing around the world, Be Clown Company has created shows for all ages that integrate a circus setting, clowns, and theatre techniques, through performances by several artists.

As part of the company’s tour through Asian countries, the artists stayed at La Vie Vu Linh for one year to perform for local audiences. There, they found inspiration for many circus acts.

The troupe of 12 clowns did not perform only on theatre stages, but also in schoolyards, hospitals, institutes, and cafes, They have also performed in an ethnic village wasteland, an orphanage, and during a grand ceremony on the occasion of 45 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France. Their audiences included rural and urban residents, expatriates, orphans, and tourists.

They have slept in a small, unassuming guest houses, on roadsides, in a tuk tuk, and in buses.

For them, Vu Linh, the small village which can be reached via small paths of orange clay amid harvested and wet rice fields while crossing paths with a few buffaloes and some scooters, has become a familiar and beloved home.


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