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From Barnum & Bailey to Feld: An Inside Look at a Legendary Circus Success Story

Ernest Albrecht’s latest book chronicles the artistic evolution of the Greatest Show on Earth.
Circus historian and critic Ernest Albrecht has been attending performances of Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus his entire life. Early visits as a toddler introduced him to the Greatest Show on Earth during the John Ringling North era. Later, established as a New York City theater critic, he carefully examined edition after edition produced by the Feld family. Now, armed with scores of interviews with performers, staff, and directors, he has taken on the task of evaluating how the legendary show has matured and endured over a century and a half. Albrecht’s newest offering is an erudite examination of America’s most successful entertainment empire. Two of the author’s previous books concentrated on contemporary or “new circus”; this latest volume distills the acknowledged circus expert’s observations and opinions as to why this one particular traditional circus remains vibrant and viable in twenty-first century America. ...
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Donald K. Covington, III

Donald K. Covington, III is the vice president of the Circus Historical Society and the immediate past president of the Circus Fans of America, both organizations he joined as a teenager. After serving in the US Navy, which allowed him to visit circuses around the world, he worked for the Big Apple Circus for 13 years. He has also been involved with San Diego's Fern Street Circus, the American Youth Circus Organization, and Windjammers Unlimited. His circus articles and photographs have been published around the world.