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Fusion Techniques and Acrobatic Prowess On Display

Beverly Wan and Xenres Kirishima Nafa Studio Theatre/Feb 1

It is impressive that within months of graduation, two gutsy local dancers from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Nafa) Dance Department have self-produced a promising triple bill on a shoestring budget.

The standout work was Xenres Kirishima’s Tempest, distinctive for his own “Water Breath” technique, which blends Chinese dance, Taoist philosophy, qigong, bagua, taiji and aikido, and skims capoeira and micro-acrobatics.

The combination sounds unmanageable, but manifested as an arresting flow of movement with a sense of grounding, depth and resistance.

The technique also featured spiral pathways and explosive initiation of movement from the core of the body…

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