Get Your Circus Fix! Watch ECQ's Graduates Épreuve Synthèse

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Get Your Circus Fix! Watch ECQ’s Graduates Épreuve Synthèse’ (Final Exam) Video

Ecole de Cirque de Quebec’s annual graduate final exam Épreuve Synthèse took place this past March 2020 just before the mandate to quarantine for COVID-19 from the Canadian government led the school to temporarily close. They were perhaps luckier than many of the graduates this year who might not have the opportunity to complete in person exams or perform their acts for a live audience.

ECQ was happy to share the video of the Épreuve Synthèse exam recoding with CircusTalk in the hopes that their students will get the eyes of the industry upon their work. Each act is preceeded by the artist themselves describing their work and then performing it. So please enjoy, share widely and above all join us in congratulating the hard-working graduating class of ECQ!

Adèle Saint-Martin | Hand to hand|

Aude Côté-Gadoua | Aerial cube | 

Aude Van Den Plas | Handstands | 

Clara Scudder-Davis | Handstands | 

Fabien Cortes | Hand to hand | 

Francis-Olivier Girard | Hand to hand | 

Liam Gundlach | Diabolo | 

Maeva Desplat | Escarpolette | 

Marie-France Huet | Hand to hand | 

Mathieu Gauthier | Juggling | 

Morgane Claudel | Flying pole |

Naomie Vogt-Roby | Chinese pole |

Ripley Burns | Antipodism | 

Sebastian Plester | Diabolo |

Valentine Yvin | Dance trapeze | 

Zoe Gaillard Bizot | Aerial hoop |

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