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Good Lord, Cirque du Soleil Performers Eat Really Well

You might know Cirque du Soleil because you’ve seen one of its seven Vegas shows while drinking a margarita the size of your head. But you might not know that Cirque has a number of touring shows circumnavigating the globe at any moment. One of those is TORUK – The First Flight, a show inspired by the art-house flick Avatar. And while all the athletic feats in this Cirque show are stunning, I was more interested in three things: how do you feed all the people who work on the show? What do they eat? And most importantly — is it any good?

So when TORUK stopped by Denver’s Pepsi Center one July weekend, I went into the bowels of the arena to talk to two of the performers — and the chefs who keep them fed — about what they eat before and after pulling Olympic-level feats of strength five nights a week. Turns out, feeding what amounts to a traveling international city is pretty complicated.

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