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Great Moscow Circus Goes Bust, Strands Circus Artists in Australia

Circus Talk is monitoring a series of reports emerging from Australia that describe the situation surrounding the abrupt shutting down of the Great Moscow Circus mid-tour. Here is one article that explores the matter:

Thirteen international circus performers are stranded, cashless in Ballarat after the Great Moscow Circus went into liquidation this week.

The circus was booked to perform at Ballarat Showgrounds for four nights, but the 50th-anniversary tour ended abruptly on Tuesday when Edgley Attractions – which was running the circus – was wound up.

Event manager Patrick Anderson, who was working on a contract with Moscow Circus, said international crew members have been left stranded and without pay.

“Unfortunately I think ticket holders have lost their money, Edgley Attractions has left everyone holding the bag trying to sort everything out with no information,” he said.

The Great Moscow Circus, which has become a household name in country towns through its touring performances for more than 50 years in Australia, has also left performers despairing about their future…

Link to Full Article on The Age.

Two other articles that address the plight of the artists and the ticket holders and the circus which swooped in to save the day are here at The Courier and at The Advertiser.