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Highwire Act Grounded by COVID Returns Home to Teach Next Generation at Tasmania’s Slipstream School

As the doors of the Slipstream Circus burst open, a girl scoots past on a unicycle as another crosses the room on her hands, legs flailing in the air.

One boy is hanging from the ceiling on a bar, while another two teenagers skilfully hold themselves up with a silk cloth as if they are floating.

The non-profit youth circus was started in 1997 at the Burnie Gymnastics club and was incorporated in Ulverstone in 2000.

Jessica McCrindle grew up learning the art of circus at the school as her mother was the founder.

She then moved to Melbourne to train at the National Institute of Circus Arts and it was here she met her partner Kane Petersen.

Together the couple were travelling the world performing, something that had to be put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Galway arts festival, it was a highwire walk across the river there as part of their arts festival program,” Ms McCrindle said.

“We also had one booked in Dubai, some more tight-wire…”

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