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How Kunal Kapoor has come to the Rescue of Rambo Circus Troupe Stuck in Mumbai Due to Lockdown

For the Rambo Circus troupe, things have been very tough since March 13. Stranded in Mumbai with the entire crew consisting of women, children and animals, their basic necessities and funds were running out, until actor Kunal Kapoor stepped in.

Sujith Dilip, the owner and manager of the circus tells us, “Basically, from Sanpada (Maharashtra), we were shifting to Airoli, when the Chief Minister of Maharashtra declared public places to be shut down. In that category, consisting of movie theatres, we were also there. We shut down right away. After that, the PM, too, announced the lockdown, we never expected or were prepared for such a thing.”

Kapoor, who co-founded the crowdfunding platform Ketto eight years ago, was contacted by one of the circus’ fans. “We were suggested we should do this, as he wouldn’t charge and it would take care of at least one and a half months’ of staff welfare items and food. We have reached 60 percent of our goal. Kunal ji has not charged a single penny from us. Being an artist, he wants to help other artists,” adds Dilip…

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