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How Social Enterprise Circuses Are Impacting on Disadvantaged Youths

Social enterprises across the world are using circus tricks and tips to help disadvantaged youths, educate communities and improve the areas in which they exist.

Teachers often tell students to stop ‘clowning around’ but many social enterprises are doing the very opposite. Across the world, circus workshops are replacing lessons and demonstrating that laughter is the best medicine.

Circuses are using workshops to educate communities on issues such as HIV, female genital mutilation and land mines. In South Africa, Zip Zap Circus School caters for vulnerable and homeless youths and Phare the Cambodian Circus is a popular tourist attraction that, among other things, promotes aspiring, young artists and performers.

There are social enterprise circuses operating in the UK too. Circus Space, based at a former power station in London, Greentop, in Sheffield, and Organised Kaos, in the valleys of South Wales, are just a few.

Regardless of geographical location these circuses are all connected by their passion to change young people’s lives and inspire social and economic development.

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