How the Contemporary Taiwanese Circus Artist Innovates: Tsiú-tsiān 

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How the Contemporary Taiwanese Circus Artist Innovates: Tsiú-tsiān 

As part of our continued exploration of the Taiwanese circus industry, question-setter Stella Tsai and interviewer Wen-Ling Lui recapture a discussion from the last edition of the DuMaXi circus platform. Three industry experts weigh in about circus history, juggling tricks and ideals inspired by daily life in Taiwan— and how contemporary Taiwanese circus artists lead the art form forward.
Whether in traditional juggling or contemporary circus, there are many moments or situations in our lives that are related to the circus, and many props and tricks that we derive from it. At the latest edition of the DuMaXi circus platform, we invited Ms. Ching-Lan Chang (hereinafter referred to as Ching-Lan), a teacher from the Lee Tong Hua Acrobatics Troupe at Taiwan’s National College of Performing Arts; and Mr. Hsing-Ho Chen and Ms. Yu-Lun Chiang (hereinafter referred to as Hsing-Ho and Yu-Lun), the founders of Hsingho Co., Ltd. & HoooH, to join a panel and share how things from their everyday lives inspire them to innovate and give old objects new life through circus. Their answers were as follows: Wen-Ling:  What was the first activity you ever did that, looking back, you realize was related to circus? Ching-Lan:  I was raised in a milit...
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Stella TSAI

A freelance writer and editor from Kaohsiung. As a lover of cinema and traveling, she writes to deal with information anxiety and travels to nourish her withered soul. Currently the editor-in-chief of Weiwuying's BENSHI magazine, TSAI was also the chief editor of Formosa Circus Art's (FOCA) special anniversary publication A Decade of Circus Dream, and a copyeditor for the exhibition booklet of Weiwuying Taiwan Dance Platform, the Taipei Film Festival, and the Taichung International Animation Festival. TSAI specializes in writing in the areas of art and culture, design, and performing arts; her articles can be seen in various major print and digital media.