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How to Hire Artists Put Out of Work by Coronavirus Cancellations

This article offers a local solutionin response to the sudden unemployment within arts/entertainment community due to COVID-19. Hopefully this idea can be a source of inspiration and help to others.

Denver artists and musicians are beginning to panic over how they’ll pay the bills if festivals, venues, tours, schools and museums continue to close, cancel or reschedule events because of coronavirus concerns.

“Artists all over the city are wondering what’s going to happen over the next couple months, since a lot of us are living paycheck to paycheck while trying to make art,” explains Amber Blais, producing director at Rainbow Militia, a group of circus performers, aerialists and musicians.

Rainbow Militia has several shows coming up and is now weighing whether it would be responsible, from a public health perspective, to move forward with them.

“Right now, you’re not guaranteed any money until you actually perform,” Blais explains. “If the event is canceled, you don’t make your money as an artist. It’s a little scary, because you’re counting on that money coming in.”

On March 11, Blais found herself talking to David Moke — a curator at the experimental gallery Understudy, alongside Annie Geimer and Thadeaous Mighell — about the anxiety artists are experiencing over whether they can make rent…

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