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How to Make the Perfect Demo Reel I.

The hardest part of booking a good act might be getting agents to see it. In this first of a two-part article, we ask a panel of experts for advice on what makes them interested in an act … and what common mistakes to avoid.
Ask a dozen casting agents what they want to see in a demo reel, and you might get a dozen different answers. We know, because we asked a bunch of experts, and they all gave us different answers! Don’t be discouraged though. That variety teaches the most important lesson, and we’ve gleaned some other universal truths from our experts. 1. Know your audience. Unfortunately, you can’t just make one demo reel that works for every job. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to create custom videos for each agent you approach, and you’ll look like a real pro when you tailor your presentation for what that agent wants to see. Always check the receiver’s website to find out how much video what they want to see. If it doesn’t say, you might want to follow these guidelines: If you’re an act contacting an agent for the first time, send less than two minutes of material. Really. Respect their time and experienc...
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Viveca Gardiner

Viveca is president of Playful Productions, director of youth programs for Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, and a coach at Circus of the Kids. She edits CircusNYC and JuggleNYC. She has also been a director at the Big Apple Circus and a contributing editor of JUGGLE magazine. She performs as a juggler, ringmistress, unicyclist, and stilt walker, and she has published two commissioned study guides on the history and artistry of circus arts. She might have sawdust in her veins.