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How will the Metaverse Affect the Entertainment Industry

Businesses are always looking for new ways to make huge profits. Many have had to change the way they operate because of the pandemic, and it appears the Metaverse may be the way forward in the future.

The Metaverse has been discussed a great deal in the past year or so. You can bet on hearing a great deal more as the months go by. One problem the pandemic has caused is the interaction that takes place between managers and their workforce. Working from home has become a way of life for some employees and that may well be a sign of things to come.

Going online and communicating with other employees has been so important. You do have to wonder what living through the pandemic would be like if we didn’t have the internet. The isolation that many experienced would have been even worse. Keeping businesses going when the offices were empty would have been even more difficult. … Link to full length article at Film Daily

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