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In Depth: Circus – Art or Altruism?

As No Fit State celebrates its 30th anniversary, we investigate the lesser-known role of circuses in building healthier futures for the young and disenfranchised 

Cardiff-born Chris Moore didn’t plan on the circus when he joined No Fit State for summer school. But forensics, the class for his first-choice, was full. As a child, he suffered with autism, bad health and communication, but a year with the circus saw his life do a 180. Today, the 23-year-old is pursuing circus studies and has become an integral member of the crew – and he’s not alone in his experience. Social circus has helped thousands of disadvantaged people the world over, and continues to do so right at our doorstep.

The word ‘circus’ might conjure images of tigers leaping through rings, contortionists, clowns and freakshows, but since its beginning under the big top, the art form has married entertainment with altruism, and its impact is astounding.

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