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In the Ring with 27 Wild Animals

With his new act, Martin Lacey, Jr. wants to break a world record.
In Europe, January is traditionally the month of circus festivals. The festivals in Monte Carlo, Massy, and Paris are three of the most prestigious festivals, but this January another event electrified the circus scene in Europe and beyond: in Munich’s Circus Krone building, Golden Clown winner Martin Lacey, Jr. presented his new cage act. Lacey’s aim is to present the world’s largest wild animal group ever. To achieve this goal, he needs 27 animals in the ring. Currently he is working with 23 lions—white and normal colored ones—and three tigers in one ring. Even though one animal is still missing for the world record, this new act is already an incomparable spectacle. Lacey doesn’t just rely on the size of his group to impress; he a...
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Sven Rindfleisch

Sven Rindfleisch has been a circus enthusiast since he was a kid. As an adult, he is the chief editor of the German CircusZeitung. Before that, he founded and created, the leading online magazine for circus and variety in Europe. As a professional journalist, he has worked for several daily newspapers, including, among others, the Wiesbadener Kurier. He lives in Wiesbaden, Germany.