Invernadero de Circo - A Photo Exhibit by Gaby Merz

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Invernadero de Circo – A Photo Exhibit by Gaby Merz

Invernadero de Circo is a photography exhibit by photographer Gaby Merz designed specifically for El Invernadero, a circus school and professional circus training and residency space. The exhibition conveys the great wealth and variety of today’s circus through 55 snapshots of works by renowned companies as well as projects by emerging artists throughout Europe that Merz has made connections with over the last five years. On its printed surface, there are more than 138 square meters of vinyl dedicated exclusively to the circus arts, with a representation of 58 female and 43 male artists.
As an artist and photographer, Gaby immerses us in the universe that he has been traveling in recent years and illustrates the great variety of disciplines that make up the current tapestry of circus arts. This project, subsidized by the Alcobendas City Council, was developed in cooperation with the El Invernadero school, a space in which young and not-so-young artists are promoted, cultivated, developed, and accompanied throughout their work. Merz says that photography, for him, is “looking Deep into someone...
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Gaby Merz

I am a photographer and father of two wonderful children, the reason I became a photographer in the first place. My university education is as a graduate in physical activity and sport sciences. I worked for years as a manager of sports facilities and finally, the birth of my eldest daughter made me change my course. I started as a social photographer, specializing in births as well as other types of events, and once again when my daughter began to train as a circus artist my professional life turned around again. I don’t specialize in photographing artists… just people… people, who live their dream and can’t live without it. I have always been a photographer. I have not always had a camera. You have probably always been an artist. Even before going on stage. Photography is about looking Deep into someone, through one’s eyes, heart and soul. This is what I do.