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Join the Dots Scheme: ‘Artists Tend to Be a Neurotic Bunch, So Structured Feedback Can Only be a Good Thing’

After creating a show, rehearsing, staging and then touring it, what happens next? Most of the time the creative team disperses, moves on to a new project and that is that. But not for those taking part in Join the Dots.

Join the Dots is a new initiative developed by contemporary circus company Upswing. It’s a debriefing process where several months after the show has finished, the creatives come together with programmers, producers and peers who have seen it to discuss what worked and what didn’t.

The initiative is designed to create an honest environment to explore the work and what Upswing’s artistic director Vicki Amedume calls “the interesting bits between the intention and how the show has really been received by the audience”…

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