Keep Blossoming: A 2020 Taiwanese Circus Retrospect in the Pandemic Era

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Keep Blossoming: A 2020 Taiwanese Circus Retrospect in the Pandemic Era

What an odd year for everyone in every corner of the world. In Taiwan, the art centers were closed for about three months before June 7th. After that, theatres allowed the full capacity of audiences. The entry process for events/performances included temperature measuring, hand disinfection, and asking the audience to provide contact information, all of which has become the new normal. The virus really challenged the conventions of society and understanding, with no exceptions for circus practitioners. But still, the energy of Taiwan’s circus community didn’t stop at all but blossomed into various kinds of flowers.
As the first exchange article from DuMaXi with CircusTalk, we want to offer a window for English readers to have a glimpse into the Taiwanese circus environment with a retrospective report. New Companies, New Works, New Topics In 2020, lots of new circus companies presented their first works in Taiwan, but also many artists initiated new directions. A-Z CIRCUS (鏡距離馬戲) presented its first creation Long Time No See. Tien Circus Theatre (天馬戲創作劇團), which just re-organized and collaborated with the director Zi-Yi Sun (孫自怡) from A Theatre for Jasmine’s Magic Adventure, which successfully merges circus and musical aesthetics together. One of the striking new co...
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Tai-Jung Yu

Tai-Jung Yu majored in Theatre Theory in Department of Theatre Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts. Yu is currently the International Affairs Manager and Resident Dramaturge of Formosa Circus Art (FOCA). He’s the current Deputy Managing Director of International Association of Theatre Critics, Taiwan Branch, and the chief editor of “Du Ma Xi”, a seasonal Taiwan circus media. With the rising of the circus community in Asian countries, Yu represents FOCA as founding committee of Circus Asia Network (CAN). He curated the first ever contemporary circus forum in Taiwan in 2018. The second edition “2019 Taiwan International Circus Forum” was held in collaboration between FOCA and National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts-Weiwuying.