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Kick off Your Contemporary Circus Career with Cirkus Cirkör’s Gymnasium Program

If you’re a Scandinavian teenager aspiring to become a contemporary circus artist, chances are Cirkus Cirkör’s gymnasium program is the place for you, no matter your experience level. Cirkör’s program is designed as a launchpad to get you into circus universities, or just let you have fun trying something new. It allows you to push hard, but still tap out anytime you want.
Unfortunately, since Cirkör’s gymnasium program is state- funded, only people from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are able to apply. Other than that, usually no prior circus experience is required to make it into the school, so students consist of a very mixed demographic. Your classmates will probably be some who just heard of the program and thought it sounded fun, and some who came from youth circuses all over Scandinavia and Finland who have years of experience, and maybe even a couple AFUK (Academy for Modern Circus-in Denmark)-graduates.  Many applicants come from activities close to circus, such as gymnastics, parkour and cheerleading. But the starting point does not have to reflect where one ends up. Someone who just wanted to try out circus might end up falling in love and getting into a circus university program and becoming a professional artist. Someone who came in with years...
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Alvin Nilsen-Nygaard

Alvin Nilsen-Nygaard is a 17-year-old aspiring contemporary circus artist specializing in handstands. He moved from Trondheim, Norway, to Stockholm, Sweden in August of 2018 to attend the Cirkör program as a first step to pursue this career.