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Kids with Autism Find Passion and Growth in Circus Arts

HANOI — Autism doesn’t just affect individuals. It is a condition that burdens entire families. It takes over whole lives of everyone close to those individuals suffering.

That’s exactly what happened to the families of teenager Nguyen Khoi Nguyen and seven-year-old Nguyen Dinh Khanh Hung when doctors told the parents the news their children were on the spectrum.

But a common misconception that autism means a life sentence of suffering for all those involved can be dispelled after the two youngsters found their calling, in the circus.

Their hard work, dedication and commitment paid off after the pair were last year recognized by the Vietnam Records organization – Vietkings.

It may not have been maths or English the pair excelled, but in the field of circus performance, the duo is top of the pile.

When it comes to riding a unicycle while juggling, and balancing bottles on their heads, these boys are among the best in the country.

But that was just the beginning of an amazing journey. The two are now an inspiration to other sufferers and their families…

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