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Laughter Amid Despair: Teaching Circus Skills to the Syrians of Zaatari Camp

I took a deep breath and dared myself to speak the closing words of our week together, quoting a man born in Beit Jala, in Palestine: “My father always told me that the Syrians are the most advanced, intelligent, hard-working and good-looking of all the Arabs.”

This was met with a mighty roar, the first time I saw the deep love and national pride in the Syrian heart. “You are not refugees – you are great artists,” I continued, “and it has been a deep honour to work with you.”

Another roar; a sigh of relief. We ended our week of laughter with tears and hugs, and the unbearable truth that I go back home to England and they stay here in the sand.

‘We are all from Syria’
I had been invited by Clowns Without Borders UK to work in Finn Church Aid’s compound at Zaatari, the 80,000-strong refugee camp in Jordan that continues to grow. The goal was to teach the teachers clowning, comedy and basic theatre skills…

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