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Letní Letná Opens with a Big Bang

The Letní Letná International Festival of Contemporary Circus and Theatre began Aug. 15 and runs until Sept. 2 at a popup tent village at Letná park near the Chotkovy sady entrance.

The opening night featured a free performance to give people an idea of what the festival has to offer. The same show will be repeated Aug. 16 at 8:30 pm. Most of the rest of the program requires tickets, and shows do sell out so advance planning is a good idea.

As the sun fell Aug. 15 in a large field behind the main tent, “a new star” was seen: the circus performance titled De Nova Stella (“On the New Star” in Latin) by Daniel Gulko. The title refers to a book by astronomer Tycho Brahe, who lived in Prague.

The 80-minute-long De Nova Stella encapsulated the fast-paced, colorful spirit of the 15th annual summer festival. The performance features over 30 people from the Czech Republic, France and Italy. Audience members saw clowns, men launching themselves off of swings and see saws, and men and women flinging themselves through the air without any harnesses or restraints…

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