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LGBTQ Performers to Bring Socially Distanced Circus to Philly Cemetery

As part of the 2020 Fringe Festival, Tangle Movement Arts will present the show “The Way Out,” a series of live performances featuring local dance and theater artists.

Taking place from Oct.1 to 3 and spanning 78 acres of Laurel Hill Cemetery, “The Way Out” encompasses multi-genre, immersive performances that tackle the question “what is the way out of our current moment?”

Tangle Movement Arts is a circus arts company that tells multi-faceted stories through a combination of trapeze, acrobatics, theater, dance and live music. The company’s ensemble strives to highlight queer and female experiences through their performances.

“Tangle was founded as a queer, all-female circus company, because we feel that circus has a radical potential to question our assumption about gender, bodies, and the way people relate to one another,” Lauren Rile Smith, Tangle’s founder, said in an email. “Circus as a movement practice inherently challenges notions of what humans can do with their bodies, from feats of upside-down strength, to rejecting traditionally gendered expression – people of all genders do pull-ups, point their toes and defy gravity…”

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