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Life-The Show (Strut & Fret Production House, Sydney Festival)

LIFE – The Show is brought to us by Strut & Fret’s Creative Director Scott Maidment who returns with a new circus extravaganza about life after acclaimed productions Limbo, Blanc de Blanc and Cantina. It is clear from this production that Maidment has a real eye for bringing together richly diverse casts to perform in his multifaceted, dazzling shows.

LIFE – The Show can be broadly broken into two acts. The first part is more reflective and observational, seeking to capture the life of the everyday person. Here we see international clowns Dutch circus artist Goos Meeuwsen and his regular clowning partner Brazilian performer Helena Bittencourt, who has performed with Cirque du Soleil. Meeuswen is skilled at drawing in and engaging the audience as a wordless MC, using slapstick to tease out the storyline. In a duet with Bittencourt, the pair offers up various milestones that would be familiar to many of us from first meeting to first mating, from birth-control to breastfeeding, and beyond.  In this part there are some brief moments of connection with the audience, a fragment here or there where we hopefully laugh in acknowledgement of life’s ups and downs, and an acceptance of the mundane moments…

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