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Meet Khalil Oghab: “The Father of Iranian Circus”

Born Khalil Tariqat Peyma in 1924, the athlete acted as a stuntman in different world countries and set a record which is far to be broken, ISNA reported on Monday.

Oghab was famous for bending heavy metal beams, scrolling, support feats and getting ran over by cars. In his best performing days in Iran, he was able to attract a crowd of as much as 50,000 people in a single event in the 1960s.

After long journey of about 20 years, Khalil Oghab settled down in Italy where he founded a circus called “Iran and Italy”. He has performed athletic performances in more than 37 countries. Oghab came back to Iran in 1991 after being invited by the Iranian government, along with sixty performers working for him in a circus…

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