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Meet the 59-Year-Old Acrobat Flipping Stereotypes in Casting Off

At only 17 years old, Debra Batton was told she was too old to be a gymnast, so she quit. Now as a 59-year-old circus performer, she’s no longer convinced of corporeal deadlines.

“I was doing gymnastics around the period of Nadia Comaneci and these gymnasts who were at the top of their game at 14. But to have this idea of yourself at 17 that you’re too old for something is just so ridiculous,” says Batton with a hearty burst of laughter.

The Melbourne performer, who has previously worked with Circus Oz and Legs on the Wall, is set to appear in the Sydney premiere of the ageism-busting show Casting Off.

The multi-generational piece of circus features a Millennial, a Gen Xer and a Baby Boomer and is part of the winter fringe festival Bondi Feast. The show is the work of Batton, 42-year-old Sharon Gruenert and 31-year-old Spenser Inwood, who comprise circus company A Good Catch…

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