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Meet the All-Female Circus Troupe Flipping Gender Expectations

The circus might conjure up images of burly strong men, ringmasters in top hats and dainty acrobats in frilly outfits.

But this all-female circus troupe is bringing something entirely different to the table. YUCK Circus is subverting gender norms through flips, tricks and frank conversations in their electrifying modern take on the classic art form.

We asked Georgia Deguara, director of YUCK Circus, why it’s so important to bring female perspectives into this space – and how on earth she got into circus in the first place.

‘Lucky for me, growing up there was a local circus down the road from my house,’ Georgia tells ‘It was a matter of being bored one night after dinner and deciding to give it a go. ‘Skip forward a decade – I’ve got my degree in Circus Arts, and direct a winner of an all-female company.’ Who knew you could get a degree in Circus Arts? I bet you’re regretting that dry Business Studies decision now. For Georgia, circus has always been more than a hobby. It is a way of life, and it is the people that make it. ‘I believe circus has a community aspect and that is what pulled me in,’ she explains. ‘Having an artform to express yourself is one thing; it’s a whole other ball game when your peers and mentors celebrate you and your work. Plus, who wouldn’t want to do flips for a living?

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