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Mongolia-Bound: A Month-Long Contortion Pilgrimage

Contortion is sprinkled through cultures the world over. 
Maybe mention of this performing art makes you think of the explosive power of a Russian rhythmic gymnast. Maybe it makes you think of the extreme flexibility woven into the daredevil feats of Chinese acrobatic troupes. Or maybe it conjures images of Coney Island ‘freak shows’, ‘boneless wonders’, ‘India Rubber girls’, and the like.  For me, it makes me think of Mongolia. Training contortion in Mongolia has been a distant (though constant) thought in the back of my mind since I first began my contortion practice in 2016. In parallel with this dream was my long term goal of one day being able to perform zubnik, the impressive contortion skill where an artist balances their entire bodyweight on their teeth, while in an extreme backbend. I have found many capable and inspiring...
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Ess Hodlmoser

Ess Hödlmoser is a nonbinary circus artist from Toronto, Canada specializing in aerial straps and contortion. Ess' contortion work has been featured widely in TV and Film productions. They continue to perform internationally and push the boundaries of contemporary contortion expression with their duo contortion partner, Troy James. Their performance at the 40eme Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain was awarded the Prix Moulin Rouge.