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Negotiating an Artist Contract, a Complicated But an Essential Skill

As a self-employed artist, you have already negotiated many contracts but have you done it correctly? Did you forget to add or negotiate points and regret it afterwards? Did the employer ask you for more things afterwards than what was negotiated and not paid for? Had you really thought of everything? You will probably answer yes to at least one of these questions. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, even the most experienced professional! 
First of all, it must be understood that a contract of employment is the pillar of an agreement. Whatever happens, it will always be on this document that we will come back to if something does not work. There are several types of clients, but overall, there are really only two, either a long-term commitment with a specific show, or a short-term commitment for one or more private performances. In both cases, this requires a good evaluation from you. Scenario with a Long-Term Commitment with a Show Usually the artists are involved in the whole show and not just for the presentation of the act. The artists’ fees are essentially the same, with a few differences. The pedigree of the act, your years of experience on stage and your involvement in the show (if you present 2 disciplines in the show or if, in addition, you play music for example) come into play. The price also varies if the c...
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Vincent Messager

Vincent Messager has been working in the field of arts performance touring and arts marketing for the last 31 years for circus, music and contemporary dance. He has collaborated with Cirque Éloize (Canada) for more than 12 years on international tour development and also as Director of the Special Events department where he produced more than 700 performances throughout the world. Vincent now runs Dolce Vita Spectacles, a touring agency specialised in contemporary circus companies. Besides his experience in touring, he also teaches career management at the Montreal National Circus School since 2013 and is an arts performance marketing consultant.